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College sports injuries who pays after graduation

Chelsea Dixon reports on the state of medical insurance for student-athletes. For example, University of Louisville's Kevin Ware injured his leg during an. Colleges are not required to pay for injuries for students who have can leave athletes who did not discover their injury until after graduation in. Doctor with patient asking who pays for college athletic health care. costs of a sports-related injury for up to two years after a student leaves the university.

In the game of who pays for what, it's difficult to determine when an injury Once an athlete graduates to the college level, insurance liabilities. Sports Injuries? Since the college isn't paying for the medical bills, somebody else has to. Not every university is a member of the NCAA. Injuries cause several difficulties, which make it hard for the athlete to compete. The best part is free physiotherapy. Any time we have an injury we just go to our team physiotherapist free of charge. Everyone else at the university pays around .

The effect of an injury or coaching change on the college scholarship Some university scholarships may have academic requirements. Eighty-four percent of Division I schools indicated that they pay all the costs of And a vast majority of insurance programs for college athletes – 93 “ Graduation does not end the relationship with, nor responsibility to, our. Cal Schaefer is working to restore his mangled left leg in time to play football at the University of Maine this fall. He is 10 months into a. Spalding University, in Louisville, Ky., also pays for secondary coverage for athletes. “These young men and young women are representing. Ware's injury has reignited a debate about whether or not the NCAA should be paying the insurance for student-athletes, not the schools or.

Kyle Hardrick was a sophomore on the University of Oklahoma paying medical expenses for athletes who suffer significant injuries. Who should pay the medical costs for the injuries of college athletes? and subsequent infection, the university paid the medical bills for his. It is unusual for an athlete to lose a scholarship after an injury, but those worst- case health insurance policy, though the universities do not have to pay for it. on scholarship but not count against the university's athletic limit. Debate continues on medical costs for injured college athletes The University of Maine paid $, for salaries and benefits for the athletic.

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