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Doctor who trivia 2005 calendar

Early drafts of the adventure included the character of Jamie's father, who would silently and anonymously appear to aid Nancy and the war orphans. Russell T. Davies originally set out to write this episode from Adam's perspective, watching the adventure unfolding from his point of view (exactly as Rose did in. The one episode set in Cardiff, Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead (), was filmed in Swansea, mainly due to the fact that no buildings currently in Cardiff were.

Final appearance in the Whoniverse of Lachele Carl - the only actor to play a single named character (Trinity Wells) in Doctor Who (), Torchwood (). For "The End of the World" Zoë Wanamaker was unable to attend the studio session in Cardiff and recorded her lines as Cassandra later in a sound studio in . The house where Clara's family lives (staircase can be seen at around 5 mins) is the same house where Rose Tyler lives in Doctor Who: Rose ().

"Doctor Who" Bad Wolf (TV Episode ) Trivia on IMDb: Cameos, Mistakes, Spoilers "Bread"; "In the Pan Traffic Calendar, which month comes after Hoob?. This is not just a 50th anniversary special with the present outgoing Doctor and two of his previous incarnations. It is also a prequel to Doctor Who: Rose (). Christopher Eccleston, who would later play the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who ( ), was offered the role of the Eighth Doctor but declined to audition, because at. "Doctor Who" Smith and Jones (TV Episode ) Trivia on IMDb: Cameos, the same pyjamas that he did in Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion (). While the new Doctor is picking out his new clothes he briefly considers an item of clothing that looks like it's from the Restoration period (red, blue collar, made.

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