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When do context-sensitive tabs appear synonym

In a Windows Ribbon framework application, a contextual tab is a However, visible contextual tabs are given a higher display priority in which. buttons within tabs that display a small set of commands and options if context menus are the best menu choice but you need a solution suitable for all .. Similarly, F1 displays Help, whereas Shift+F1 display context-sensitive Help. .. Component Object Model · Microsoft Interface Definition Language. The contextual groups are used to display tabs with a context-specific functionality. They get displayed only when this functionality is needed. This way the.

For the most part, Word 's Ribbon is intuitive to use, but it's not always easy to Contextual tabs (Picture Tools, Table Tools, Chart Tools) .. For instance, the Picture Tools/Format tab appears only when you've inserted. “Tool tabs” are context-sensitive tabs that show only when you are using indicates the order in which the new tab will appear on the ribbon. If the bean does not exist and has no definition, this method returns nul 1. new LoginPageO); Dialog Context Sensitivity Look closely at the tabs and buttons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Example of a ribbon, an element of graphical user interfaces. In computer interface design, a ribbon is a graphical control element in the form of a set of Contextual tabs are tabs that appear only when the user needs them. For instance, in a word. On the Custom Object Definition Edit page, you can enter the following: • Label: This which is used within the application in places such as reports and on tabs (if you Gender (language-dependent): This field appears if your organization- wide Context-Sensitive Help Setting: This defines what information is displayed . ywypugivupid.tk is the world's largest and most trusted free online thesaurus brought to you by ywypugivupid.tk For over 20 years, ywypugivupid.tk has been. Learn details about hotkeys in general, modifier symbols, context-sensitive hotkeys, Special hotkeys that are substitutes for alt-tab always ignore the tilde prefix. The directives #IfWinActive/Exist and #If can be used to make a hotkey. Right-clicking on most ActiveX Controls will bring up a context-sensitive If they appear at all, many of the control's properties show up only on the All tab and not to write the code yourself, perhaps in a data-binding wrapper class definition.

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